Gemma Rolfe is an ex gymnast of 14 years who found her passion for Obstacle Racing in 2014.  In 2015 she competed at her first OCR World Championships in America and finished in 15th spot.  Since then she has also won the Long Course National Titles as a part of a 6 person team in 2016 and placed 2nd the Short Course Nation Titles.  2017 was Gemma’s most successful and competitive year where she attended her second OCR World Championships in Canada placing an amazing 8th in the 3km, 9th in the 15km and 5th in the team event.  She was also a competitor on Season 1 & 2 on Australian Ninja Warrior, aired on Channel 9.

In 2016 Gemma made her transition into the fitness industry by completing her Certificate III & IV in Fitness.  Since then, she continues to develop her knowledge to ensure she is delivering the most effective and safe training sessions possible.  Throughout Gemma’s achievement she has learn a lot about structuring and customising training programs to suit different fitness levels and goals.  She has developed a great understanding of common injuries and how they can be prevented and if needed, how to rehab them.  Gemma loves to help others achieve their dreams and watch them develop physically and mentally whilst challenging their abilities.