At the Obstacle Course Racing School, we offer a range of different training options for Adults. All Adults Ninja Classes are open to those aged 16 and older or any Senior or Elite Ninjas (regardless of age) currently enrolled in Term classes. If you are an advanced Ninja from another facility and under the age of 16 years, you are also welcome to attend these classes with adult supervision.



PRICES: (Discounts available for those 16+ years or currently enrolled in a Senior or Elite Ninja Class)

  • All adults visits are from $15
  • Bulk packs are available.
    • 10 Pack – from $140
    • 20 Pack – from $240
  • Insurance Fee (not required on your first visit) – $40 per year


Tuesday 6:45pm-7:30pm – WORKSHOPS

This class is great class for beginners all the way to advanced Ninjas who are wanting to learn and practice different techniques on some of the many obstacles within the facility.


Wednesday 6:45-7:30pm – SPEED RELAYS (second Wednesday of the month is Ninja Club Champs)

This class is available for beginners through to advanced Ninjas. This class is all about learning how to complete the obstacles FAST. This is a fun class for everyone and perfect for those who regularly compete. Check out our upcoming events at the Competitions tab.


Thursday 6:45-7:30pm РENDURANCE 

This class is available for beginners through to advanced Ninjas. This class is perfect if you’re looking for a forearm pump or wanting to improve your overall endurance on the obstacles.


Friday 5:15-6:45pm – OCR (last Friday of the month is OCR Club Champs)

This class is suitable for beginners through to advanced Ninjas. This class is mainly focused around training for an Obstacle Race where we practice running and obstacles together. For those not wanting to do any cardio and would prefer to just practice their obstacle skills, that is also allowed during this longer 90 minute session. Please note you do not need to stay for the entire time.


Monday 6:45pm & Thursday 6pm – Elite Ninjas

This class is aimed at our advanced Ninjas who are wanting extra training. This class is a selective kids/teenagers class but advanced adults are also welcome to attend. Please see the Kids Classes tab for more information and pricing.



During any of our opening hours, you are welcome to come in a utilise any of our fitness equipment. Whether it be to lift weights to help advance your Ninja skills, do a HIIT workout to improve your overall fitness or a cardio session on our Treadmill, Rower or SkiErg to prepare you for your next Obstacle Race! View our opening hours at the Contact tab.



Please speak to us at front desk or send us an email at if this is something you’re interested in. Have a look at our OCRS Rep Team tab for some options we already offer.





OCR School Ninja and OCR Club Champs are a friendly optional competition that we run monthly.


The Ninja Club Champs are run on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:45pm.


The OCR Club Champs are run on the last Friday of every month at 5:15pm.


We have two levels available to compete in. The Pro’s which is on an advanced course and Open’s which is on a beginner-intermediate course.


The OCRS Club Champs are open to all adults 14+ years and any kids currently enrolled in our Senior and Elite Ninja classes.


Free classes are awarded as prizes for podium finishers in each round and overall winners at the end of the year. Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details and results!


All welcome, no bookings required, cost $15pp.